RNA@ (download here) is a RNA annotation tool for prokaryotic organisms based on a lightened Aho-Corasick like algorithm. The algorithm encodes a data set of nucleotide sequences into a Finite State Machine able to recognize every occurrence of every nucleotide sequence into a genome in a single read of the genome. As nucleotide sequence data set, RNA@ uses a collection of about 300,000 RNA deposited into the NCBI. These RNA are automatically collected from about 25,000 complete deposited genomes (last update 23-06-2021).

Select a file

RNA@ supports the following file extension: .fa. / .fna / .fasta / .embl / .gb

Export as

The RNA can be annotated into an embl/gb file or exported as a CDS file

RNA types

Select the kind of RNA that you want to see annotated by RNA@